Everything is better with a hint of mint

Everything is better with a bit of mint

Freshen up an already cool winter #rootd with some hints of mint this cold January. Lots of street fashion and funky accessories have gone into this riding look, which makes it the ideal street-to-stable or office-to-stable look for those busy back to work days.

I immediately fell in love with this Sportmax Code Geyser horse print sweater and just had to incorporate it into a street-to-stable outfit. I would love to wear this super cute sweater with a fresh minty Uniqlo rayon long sleeve and combine it with a pair of Cavallo Caro denim full seat breeches and a classic black Hugo Boss bomber jacket.

For the ‘street’ part of this street-to-stable ensemble add a pair of mint Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and a matching Barbour scarf.

For your ride, match you Kep Italia grey Cromo T helmet to your Uvex Sport syle winter gloves and grey trimmed Tucci classic Allegri field boots.

Now, for all the fabulous accessories that complete this look: start with minty fresh 90s style scrunchie to hold together your tresses during and after your ride, make sure you smell like winter walks and pine trees with this equestrian lifestyle inspired luxury fragrance 2nd by Daxau Style, then add a few subtle touches of rose gold with a Cluse x Negin Minuit watch and the must-have equestrian item of the year: the horse logo necklace by Desori horse.

Have a stylish ride!


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