A love story…

A love story....png

A little love story for you today: just sharing my passion for everything burgundy this season (or any season for that matter actually… I think it’s becoming a serious long-lasting relationship). If you’re a lover of Burgundy too, then this look is definitively for YOU!

I recently spotted these Burgundy Animo Naspre breeches in my local tack shop and just had to incorporate them into a look one way or another. For me, beige is always a great companion for Burgundy, so I paired them with a 3.1 Phillip Lim turtleneck sweater.

For warmth, added texture and above all style, I added the Alpaca button up jacket by Equirex in this exquisite dark hue of burgundy (almost aubergine) and then combined it with a matching LC Lauren Conrad plaid blanket scarf.

Continue the Burgundy theme with a stunning exclusive Miasuki Ribbon helmet and a pair of black Kempkens jumping boots (with… of course…. a burgundy detail).

Finish off the look with a classy black Gucci logo buckle belt, a pair of must-have black Roeckl Julia winter gloves and a Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag to bring along your keys and phone to the barn, while declaring your love for Burgundy once and for all.

Have a stylish ride!



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