Raspberry rain

Raspberry rain

Guns ‘n Roses had it right: ‘Nothing last forever, even cold November rain’, so, you can either wait it out and hide in bed with a Netflix marathon, or you can brave the dreary cold drizzle and head to the barn in a super cute raspberry rain #rootd.

I came across this Joules “go lightly” packaway waterproof jacket in dark pink posy with the cutest floral print and new that this would come in handy for a look to help you cheer up just one of those grey November days. As it is quite a thin jacket, it is a great companion for a super snuggly chunky cable knit sweater like this Raspberry one by Loro Piana. Wear it with a pair of stunning moss green Cavallo Cleo breeches and keep your rider accessories classic and stylish in chocolate brown, for example with a Samshield Miss Shield helmet, a pair of Roeckl gloves, Petrie custom croco boots and Tom Ford belt.

OK, you got yourself to the barn, now, you might a well pop to the shops while your out wearing a pair of Raspberry Meilani Lonely Harts UGG boots and a matching GAP Merino wool beanie. Bring all your keys in this moss green Moschino key holder and everything else you need for the day in the stunning Fairfax and Favor Windsor handbag.

Have a great weekend and a stylish ride!


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