The French connection

The French connection

A winter outfit with a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

I was searching for a few statement pieces in a warm and wonderful mustard color and came across this Cloe lightweight packable down jacket by Just Over The Top (JOTT), a French brand that has quickly become THE authority in functional and fashionable lightweight down wear.

So, I continued the French connection today with a Pirate top by French brand Dada Sport and a pair of Harcour Eva breeches.

Of course, I had to add the quintessentially French brand Lacoste into the mix with a navy blue belt and burgundy scarf and topped it off with an Antarès Sellier Galaxy helmet.

To finalize this look, I had to search a bit further abroad for the best fitting items like a pair of Hauke Schmidt / Magic Tack gloves (Germany), a Forever 21 mustard colored beanie (US), a pair of Stivaleria Secchiari blue boots (Italy) and last but not least these super cute Ralph Lauren rubber Jodphur boots.

Hope you’re loving the French connection as much as I do!

Bisous, bon weekend and have a stylish ride!


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