Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Danielle Reynolds

special edition DVR

Meet Danielle Reynolds: fearless young entrepreneur, innovative fashion designer and stylish equestrian

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 09.59.23She started riding when she was first plonked on a horse age 3. Her and her sister  developed that horse obsession most of us get. They were at the yard all weekend, every weekend; riding and hanging out at the stables was all they were ever interested. If the girls weren’t at the yard they’d be playing horses in the garden, setting up jumping courses, wearing full gear (including hat and body protector) anywhere they went, testing each other on everything from their horse-care books, playing their Mary King play-station games or drawing layouts of yards they wished to own in the future.

Danielle was lucky enough to have over ten years of quality riding tuition which she is incredibly grateful for, but from many years since of hacking and not taking her riding too seriously, she does notice quite a few bad habits she’s fallen into through such relaxed riding for such a long time!  Her favourite type of riding is simply when the horse is enjoying it as much as she does, whether that be hacking out with friends letting the horses race each other, or out at cross-country or a sponsored ride.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 09.59.49Hacking is what Danielle spends most of her time doing. Having direct access to the South Downs (UK) means rides are limitless and beautiful. Getting out with one of her good friends for a ride, letting the horses have a good stretch and let off some steam whilst the humans have a good giggle and catch up is the type of riding she loves. She would like to be able to take her riding more seriously too but with starting a business her free time is very limited. Danielle hopes that in the not too far future she can purchase her own horse and get out and about a bit more.

Danielle is the founder and owner of DVR Equestrian Sport. A brand-new performance based Equestrian-wear brand. Her first collection STYLE VIS™ concentrates on the safety of being seen and offers a range of premium, practical designs for riding, cycling and running.

For Danielle the most inspirational riders are those standing up for change in the equestrian world based on so much tradition, for example Charlotte Dujardin encouraging the of wearing of crash helmets in the dressage ring.

In terms of what Danielle wears when riding, she’s one of those people that often opts for gym-wear over equestrian brands, and this is partly why she launched her own collection. You’ll find her in a pair of her favourite running leggings and a Nike base-layer most of the time.

We put together a look for Danielle today incoporating her own designs, but also some of her style favorites. We of course started with the basic essentials: a stylish and supportive sports bra by her own brand DVR Equestrian and a pair of plum Style VIS rider leggings also by DVR Equestrian. We added a bit of fashion into the mix with this comfortable, functional yet super stylish Kenzo tiger sweater and layered a classic Ariat black wind breaker bomber jacket on top for those chilly English countryside rides. Danielle also loves her Ariat Heritage Contour II field boots, so we had to add them in. She keeps safe and stylish while riding, not only by wearing her Style VIS collection, but also with a Charles Owen Pro II helmet and a piar of Hauke Schmidt Touch of Class gloves. We added on one more hint of sporty style: a pair of Puma satin sneakers to change into after her ride.

Would like to ride safely and in style too? Go check out the DVR Equestrian collection online right HERE.

Have a safe and stylish ride!



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