Basically beautiful

Basicly beautiful

Sometimes going back to basics can bring you the most beautiful contemporary ont rend look. How about a basic yet beautiful cream colored Salvatore Ferrgamo turtleneck sweater paired with some sleek Burgundy Classic Asmar Equestrian breeches?

Add on the ‘basic’ yet stunning black KEP Italia Cromo T helmet and a classic in the Uhip International collection: the black sports jacket (for which you can find a product review right HERE). Keep it simple and classy with a pair of black Cavallo Linus jump boots and  apir of Hirzl Grippp Elite gloves.

Add a few accesories to take the look to the next level like a Ralph Lauren Burgundy cap for before and after your ride, a matching Marc Jacobs Floral Bandana and last but not least the Harry’s Horse Equestre tote bag for all you horse life essentiels.

Have a stylsh rdie!



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