A bit of Britt

A bit of Britt

OK, I admit…. I got a bit carried away, but who can resist a bit of Burberry Britt? Especially when it’s this extremely cute and functional dusty pink Maggie down vest, with a matching Check piqué polo shirt and Heacham sneakers?

Right, enough now, time to tone down the Britt-ness and turn this into an actual #rootd with a pair of stylish washed denim Animo Nax breeches and a Mountain Horse street sweater.

Keep the rider essential sleek and sophisticated with a pair of Cavallo Linus Jump boots, an H&M black basic belt, a pair of Uvex Sport style gloves and black KEP Italia cromo textile and shine helmet.

… and then for the final touch to this street to stable look…. a dusty pink signature plaid Burberry scarf (sorry, couldn’t resist).

Have a stylish ride!


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