Fern fabulous

Fern fabulous

Ahh the weekend! Hopefully you’ll be spending lots of time at the barn, or watching your friends competing in whatever discipline they excel at. Here’s a look that can have you looking fabulous during your ride as well as being the best dressed street to stable supporter in the crowds.

The inspiration for this look came from these mossy fern colored wedge lace-up super fashionable Sorel Joan rubber boots: THE ultimate way to look good traipsing through summer puddles and mud. I found an incredibly sophisticated light weight bomber jacket by La Perla that has both hint of fern and burgundy in it to enhance the look.

Wear them to watch you friends with an Isabel Marant Etoile basic burgundy t-shirt, a pair of Cavallo Chaya grip denim breeches, a Talbots fern green belt, Cali burgundy baseball cap and Givenchy aviators.

Heading to barn for a ride afterwards? Then swap your baseball cap for this stunning fern green KEP Italia helmet and exchange your super cute rubber boots for a pair of matching Petrie suede green customised boots and throw on a pair of HKM soft touch gloves to finish the look.

Have a great weekend and a stylish ride!


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