Rockin’ the rust

Rockin' the rust

Rusty orange, I love it! So much, that it just had to be the leading lady of this sophisticated street to stable style #rootd.

My love for rusty orange started when I came across these stunning Kingsley customized polo boots – aren’t they amazing? They would look great with a pair of Hermès classic beige knee patch breeches and a beautiful rusty orange New Look sleeveless top. Accessorise your look with some chocolate brown accessories like a Hollister braided leather belt, a pair of Roeckl gloves, matching Makebe ergonomic spurs and caramel colored KEP Italia helmet.

When heading out for the ‘street’ part of this street to stable look, exchange your boots for a pair of bit embellished Gucci sandals, bring your essentials with you in a Coach western ribbed suede saddle bag, add on a vintage Hermès scarf and bring along a lightweight jacket Claire by the newest brand in equestrian land: Isabell Werth collection.

Have a stylish ride!


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