Sophisticated sunshine

Sophisticated sunshine

So imagine this: you’ve planned a super fun but ridiculously busy day this weekend including a spot of shopping, coffee with the girls, a quick business related lunch and then straight to the barn. What on earth do you wear to be able to do it all? Well, how about this sophisticated sunshine #rootd?

The Le Fash NY Williamsburg city beeches really are the epitome of street to stable style and work wonderfully with a crisp white Lacoste shirt. Wear it ‘street style’ with a  pair of Ronner Design Mimosa monogrammed slippers, matching MaKeBe belt, ONLY faux leather jacket and navy blue Vera Bradley Nathalie satchel.

At the barn, swap the slipper for a pair of stunning Cavallo Primus Pro lace-up boots, pop on your matching KEP Italia helmet and finish of the sunshine #rootd with a pair of SSG Gloves.

Wishing you a great busy day and stylish ride!


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