Blue steel

Sometimes I can’t resist a good deal… so when I saw that these Horze crescendo grey denim breeches were on sale I just had to press ‘put in cart’ …. 

Then of course the very first thing I did was to figure out all the stuff ways to style it out. I’ve shown one of the many options I came up with here today, hope you like it!

I partnered the Horze breeches with a dark navy blue Lacoste polo shirt and matching carry-all tote bag. Of course I neede to find a way to incorporate my antique brown leather Alberto Fasciani riding boots, so I paired them with tag ing Roeckl gloves and and Isabel Marant Etoile belt.

A good #rootd like this need a matching phone case, so I went with a dark bay blue lizard leather one by Vianel and a statement accessory like a vintage Louis Vuitton logo scarf. I then finished off the look with my stunning navy blue Back on Track EQ3 helmet. 

Have a stylish ride!


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