Game, set and match

Here’s a little ode to one of my guilty pleasures… watching tennis… I just love it, not sure why, but I do! Summer is always the best of tennis seasons and because today marks the first day of the tennis tournaments of tennis tournaments, Wimbledon, I thought I’d bring you a tennis themed #rootd.

The look incorporates some of the big names in tennis that have become even bigger names in fashion. The tennis print sweater as well as the coin purse are both by tennis legend Lacoste, the undies that keep your ladies in check and bum comfortable are by tennis legend Bjorn Borg and you should always have a pair of stylish sneakers around by another tennis legend Fred Perry.

Wear all of your tennis themed items with a pair of dark grey Montar breeches and a bright yellow Ralph Lauren top.
‘Ace’ the look with classy black Alberto Fasciani 919 boots, a pair of Roeckl summer gloves and Kask Dogma carbon light helmet.

Have a stylish ride!


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