Skull ‘n blossom

Skull and blossom

Skull ‘n Bones? No, it’s all about the Skull ‘n Blossom for this summer #rootd today: a funky floral twist on a rugged skull ‘n bones look.

The Cavallo Christin grip grey denim breeches are the perfect partner for the Alexander McQueen skull and blossom sleeveless T shirt. Wear a Uniqlo ultra light peach covered down vest over the top for a little feminine twist to the this rockin’ look.

Shade your eyes from the sun with either a pair of J. Crew Sam sunglasses or an H&M satin sun visor and make sur your ride safe and stylish with the Uvex Suxxeed Carbon Style helmet and matching pair of Sport Style gloves.

Finish off this look with a pair of black Ariat Heritage Contour field boots and a matching Black Rag ‘n Bone Boyfriend belt.

Have a stylish ride!


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