Equestrian off-duty

Equestrian off duty

Hanging out at the barn, watching you friends ride, shopping for tack, or sipping a coffee in town, this equestrian off-duty style works for any situation, even when do decide to hop on for a bit, it’ll work for you too!

The key to the multifunctional equestrian off-duty look is first of all the elegant and versatile Kaitlyn riding legging by Kingsland. Second, work with stylish layers like the Claude Montana vintage ribbed tank top under a crisp white Lacoste cotton shirt worn open and flowing, tucked and buttoned or knotted for a casual effect.

You never know if you might want to hop on your horse for a little while, so make sure you have your Cavallo Primus lace-up boots at hand to change into from your Timberland Lakeville boat shoes. And of course swap your Brixton Wesley fedora for the sophisticated blue and brown Antarès Galaxy helmet.

Bring all your small every day equestrian accessories, like the Roeckl gloves and Stella McCartney sunglasses, with you in your Fairfax & Favor Cadogan Travel bag.

Have a stylish ride!



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