Carrot Ginger Spice

Carrot Ginger Spice

One of my favourite healthy energy boost smoothies consists of carrot, ginger and a bit of spice. I tried to capture this healthy goodness into a #rootd for you to ride in energised style today.

Vestrum‘s spring collection includes this incredibly cute and classy horse print T shirt and it works wonderfully well with the beige, browns and oranges of this outfit. Wear it with a Just Over The Top SEDA vest and a pair of classic one patch breeches by Hermès (with a little orange trim!).

Brown rider accessories with little twist are the best for this look. For example the Petrie Superior lace-up boots in patent brown leather, the Roeckl grip gloves with a gold trim or the KEP Italia brown promo T helmet with a croco finish.

Add on some more touches of carrot flavoured goodness with a vintage Hermès scarf, a Dsquared2 belt and suede baseball cap.

Have a stylish ride!



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