Blueberry and Raspberry

Blueberry and Raspberry

Nothing like a fresh mix of berries for a beautiful spring day. I love it when these colors come together in this sophisticated and stylish #rootd: check out how well the dark raspberry tones go with the dark blueberry hues.

The inspiration for this look came from me browsing for a big cross body bag. I came  across this delicious dark red one by Sienna Jones and then found some great matching accessories like the vintage Gucci logo flower print scarf, a Liebeskind Berlin belt and Converse velvet high top shoes.

All of these lovely items can best be worn with a pair of neutral Kingsland beige Semba breeches and a sleek, stylish and functional Euro Star dark blueberry polo shirt. Add on a bit of crystal sugar to your berry mix with a KASK Swarovski embellished helmet and Roeckl gloves.

Finish off your riding outfit of the day with an exquisite pair of dark Raspberry red boots by Kingsley.

Have a stylish ride!



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