Sea salt

Sea Salt

Ohh I can feel summer coming… it’s almost here! Best be ready with a summery sea salt inspired #rootd for when that sunshine really starts to work it’s summer magic.

Wear the bright blue sea with this nautical striped Oasis t shirt and add a pinch of sea salt with a pair of grey Euro Star Merle shine power grip breeches and matching MANGO freed edge grey scarf.

Add a few more touches of bright mediterranean sea but with a Shop Hunt Club Devon Derby belt and an aptly named ‘The Horse’ Sea salt blue and tan watch.

Tan is the best companion for this sea salt look and the Cavallo Novellus polo boots look amazing with a matching Yoins zip front biker jacket.

Add on a grey One K Defender helmet and a very stylish Vestrum carry-all Vienna hand bag to complete the look.

Have a stylish ride!


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