Bamboo Blue

Bamboo Blue

Whenever I hear Bamboo, I immediately think of furry panda’s chilling in the sunshine munching on a branch. It is however, also a super inventive technical material that makes sportswear more durable, more breathable and super soft.

It’s really worth a try, especially when it’s incorporated into a pair of stunningly cut breeches like the Espoir Equestrian Maquette Navy Bamboo breeches. Wear them with a classic HV Polo shirt and a beige Uniqlo bomber jacket.

Add a few electric blue accessories to match the breeches like the Roeckl grip gloves and a Lacoste cap as a solution for the dreaded helmet hair situation.

Complete your look with some brown rider essentials like the Alberto Fasciani woven leather belt, a pair of Horka Tiffany croco riding boots and a custom croco KEP Italia helmet.

Have a stylish ride!


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