Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Manissa R.

Manissa R

Meet Manissa, young ambitious Swiss show jumper, teacher’s assistant and stylish equestrian.

Manissa 1Manissa started riding riding when she was 12 years old. She always wanted to ride Western style, but once she tried English style she ended up liking it much more.

Three years ago, she started with show jumping and completely fell in love with the discipline. Manissa loves showjumping, because according to her, you and your horse have to trust each other completely and it really allows you to become a true team. 

Manissa has been training with a lease horse for the past for few years. Manissa 2Mulan, or officially Convamore Diamond, is a 16 year old Irish Sport Horse and the two of them are a great team. Over the past years Manissa and Mulan have placed top 5 quite a few times and have won a high profile competition level 1.00-1.10M. They’ve had quite a few adventures together as Mulan can be a bit of escape artist at times, Manissa has on occasion found her casually grazing in the neighbours fields…

Manissa gets inspired by young Swiss rider, Martin Fuchs: “he’s young, successful and Swiss, what’s not to like” 😉

Manissa 3Manissa has the ambition to obtain her Swiss jumping license (you need this to start competing in higher classes in Switzerland and is quite the tough exam to pass). Unfortunately though, she won’t be able to do this with her best friend Mulan as her lease agreement will come to an end soon. She would love to own her own horse one day (when the budget allows…) but in the meantime is looking for a new lease horse to make her showjumping dreams come true. For now, she is thoroughly enjoying the time and last few competitions with her Mulan.


Manissa loves classic styles and colors: blues, pinks and greys are her favourite, which we included into her look today.

Who doesn’t love a pair of perfect jeans breeches? Pikeur is one of Manissa’s favourite brands and the Darjeen grip breeches are the best companion for every look. We added a soft pink Dubarry Carnation button down blouse for a bit of equestrian prep style and layered on an HV Polo vest and lightweight Uhip navy spring bomber jacket.

Manissa absolutely loves her Cavallo boots, so we’ve added a pair of black Primus lace-up boots to the look with a matching Mango belt, a pair of Roeckl grip gloves and a Uvex Suxxeed Glamour helmet.

She likes to makes sure her beautiful boots stay clean, so we added a pair of Tod’s suede slip-on sneakers to change into after her ride. Last but not least, Manissa likes to keep her Instagram followers up to date regularly so she needs a classy and practical matching pink phone case to complete her look.

Make sure you follow Manissa on Instagram!

Have a stylish ride!



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