Tall Vanilla Latte

Tall vanilla latte

The very best way for me to start the day is with a tall vanilla latte, preferably with an extra shot of espresso. Savouring my favourite morning pick-me up, I thought of a #rootd with the same subtle sweetness combined with a caffeine inspired punch.

A big fan of the Fior de Liso shirts myself, I thought this Cecille shirt was a great place to start for this tall vanilla latte look. Wear it with a pair of creamy vanilla beige HV Polo full seat breeches and add a coffee colored Horze Lara vest to complete the look.

A few more shots of espresso are added to the mix with a stunning KASK Dogma helmet, a vintage Hermès belt, Roeckl Madrid summer gloves and a pair of Königs classic Grandchester dressage boots.

Add two lumps of unrefined organic sugar with a soft grey Mango scarf and the stunning Cavalleria Toscana woven leather tote bag, and your tall vanilla latte look is complete.

Have a stylish ride!


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