A twist of lime

a twist of lime

Who can resist a pair of striking plaid breeches in an unusual and fresh color combination, especially if they include a little twist of lime? Have you seen this wonderful pair by Waldhausen? Make sure you shop these breeches at Tackville with 15% discount using the code ‘eqfashionfairy’ at check-ou!

Dare to wear it with a classic button down Anastasia blouse by HV Polo and accentuate the turquoise in the breeches even more with a J.O.T.T. Seda vest and a pair of Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses. A few twist of lime make the outfit come to life, especially if the items are as cute as this Scarf and belt from Forever21.

Add some sophisticated navy blue touches to the look with a air of Roeckl gloves, De Niro custom boots, an Antarès Galaxy helmet and the beautiful City Lux bag by Oughton Limited.

Have a stylish ride!


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