Autumn in April

Autumn in april

A few Autumn color in April are perfectly fine for me especially when it’s these beautiful burnt oranges, beiges and soft browns.

One of my favourite sweaters to ride in is a very simple brown V neck one by Zara, which of course, like all the other high street items, is no longer available. So for this look I went with a Pure Collection Jaycee V neck top for this look instead. Wear it with this season’s Ariat Olympia Acclaim full seat RR breech in these beautiful shades of beige and brown with some burnt orange trim. Layer on a stylish cream colored vest by HV Polo and tie the whole look together with a burnt orange Ann Demeulemeester cashmere scarf.

It’s the accessories that really step the show for this look: how about those gold plated stainless steel spurs by U-Black horse or the super cute and functional belt bag by DesOri Horse which you can wear while riding to bring along your phone and keys. Add on a stylish C.S. Simko belt and change for your Celeris Polo boots into a pair of Ariat Vale shoes after your ride.

Top off the look with a suede Samshield helmet and bring all your daily barn essentials with you in a matching vintage Gucci logo print tote bag.

Have a stylish ride!


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