Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom season is in full swing, and I truly love the short lived abundance of delicate little pink flowers. Let’s enjoy them while they last and celebrate the beauty with a cherry blossom inspired look.

The Pikeur spring collection has some gorgeous soft pink items, including this Tahira lightweight down jacket. Wear it with a soft and thin grey Norma Kamali hoodie and a Barbour Goldfinch white polo. These pink and grey Caleo breeches from Cavallo are a perfect addition to this cherry blossom #rootd.

Add a bit of edginess to the sweet subtle look with the bespoke Celeris black boots, a Mango black belt and MCM logo print bandana. Add on a pair of grey Roeckl gloves, a matching One K Defender helmet, a pair of Victoria Beckham shades and a no miss cherry blossom print phone case by Casetify.

Enjoy the bloom and have a stylish ride!


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