Champagne made me do it…


All I can think of this season is champagne colored equestrian fashion – I’m seeing it everywhere, and I love it!!

How about this champagne colored Euro-Star Yasmine spring lightweight jacket. And … even better, this shirt by Wildfox really does say it all: I didn’t text you last night, champagne did 😀

The best breeches for the champagne look are this denim pair from Asmar Equestrian and of course this book needs a champagne colored belt from ManeJane and a pair of Ostrich leather custom Königs boots.

Accessorise your look with a bit more denim and champagne. The custom blue KEP Italia helmet and the Roeckl Madrid gloves are the best companions for this look. Add on a pair of Gucci aviator sunglasses, a Sylvia Alexander plaid scarf and the stunning Balenciaga classic metallic edge city bag.

Enjoy your champagne and have a stylish ride!


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