An evening out

An evening out

Another busy week has started, and I don’t know about you, but my agenda is packed. I love being busy, but if I can save a little time here and there, then that’s very welcome. One of the time challenges I will be finding myself in this week is a planned training with a dinner out right afterwards… what to wear?

A simple swap of a few crucial items and I’ll be ready to go from the barn to the bar in under a minute.

Facing the same challenge? Wear your classic Asmar Equestrian beige breech as a base for this look, layer on a basic chic black scoop neck T by Alexander Wang and wear a burgundy lightweight Patagonia vest when riding. Complete the barn look with a pair of customized De Niro boot co burgundy dressage boots, matching Miasuki Becky leather belt, a pair of Hauke Schmidt Touch of Class gloves and at the all black stunning KASK Dogma helmet.

Before heading to the bar, swap your boots for a pair of Stella McCartney Elyse Platform Oxford shoes, exchange your vest for the Miasuki Diamond Evening jacket, run your fingers through your helmet hair and bring along your Lancaster Adele mini saddle bag for your money, keys and phone.

Have a great night out and a stylish ride!


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