Pony print paradise

Pony print paradise

I just bought one of these ridiculously cute and comfortable pony print blouses from Fior da Liso and was over the moon when wearing it yesterday. I thought I’d share the love with you with this pony print paradise #rootd.

Wear you Paula shirt from Fior da Liso with a pair of sophisticated Euro Star Dorina flex brown breeches, a girlie and glamorous pink cashmere V neck sweater by Uniqlo and a beige Horze Spirit beverly vest for practical style.

Accessories the look with colors that accentuate the super cute pony print like the Samshield Shadowmat helmet in brown, a pair of Illesteva Malpensa round frame sunglasses, a double G Gucci logo belt and a ‘LIT’ cap.

Finish of the look with a pair light brown lace-up Milaan boot by Petrie and matching SSG Gloves.

Have stylish ride!

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