Monday flow

Monday flowMonday’s are not easy, and getting back into the flow can sometimes be a bit challenging, so here’s a #rootd that’ll get you back into the weekly swing of things.

If you are anything like me, then you’ll also have the slight issue of equestrian style tight hips. That’s why I regularly go to yoga classes to not only help loosen up the joints, but also put me in a calm state of mind to juggle life, business and barn.

I’m loving the way the ‘athleisure’ trend has crossed over into the equestrian world and how more and more band are bringing us multifunctional and super comfortable riding breeches that work just fine as yoga and or lounge wear. The Horze Leah UV Pro summer breeches in this beautiful shade of mauve are a perfect example. Wear it with a crisp white Vince tank top over a PINK Victoria’s Secret Ultimate cage front sports bra and under a comfortable PrAna Daniele sweater. Switch from Yoga mat to horse with a pair of extremely comfortable and sporty Alberto Fasciani style 103 showjumping boots and of course protect your head in style with a velvet finish custom KEP Italia helmet.

Bring all you yoga and barn essentials with you in the Stella McCartney x ADIDAS sports bag and don’t forget to accessorise your look with a matching Mala necklace. This one is called ‘Intuition’ and is hand made especially for you by Malatopia in Switzerland.

Go with the Monday flow and have a stylish ride!


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