Bubblegum and lime

Bubblegum and lime

Who knew that bubblegum pink and lime could come together in such a classy business to barn #rootd?

For the business look, wear your Asmar Equestrian denim breeches with an Etro scoop neck lime T shirt and bright bubblegum pink blazer, a pair of Valentino Rock Stud pumps and a Saint Luarent pink braided belt. Bring your Valentino lime leather iPad case with you in your Fairfax and Favour  Hurlinham tote.

For the barn, exchange your pumps for a pair of Cavallo Novellus polo boots, swap your beautiful blazer for a Moncler lightweight vest and finish off the look with a matching caramel colored KEP Italia Cromo T helmet.

Have a stylish ride!


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