Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for La-Toyah Asha


Meet La-Toyah Asha: Equestrianfashion blogger, professional rider, model and equestrian media personality

latoyah-1With her blog, Horseshoes & High heels and instagram account,  La-Toyah takes you on a fashion journey from the stable to the runway. She offers great inspiration for horse events, everyday style tips and insider industry gossip.

HorseShoes & HighHeels is an online arena combining luxury, equestrian, fashion and education. With her blogging platform, La-Toyah has created a cohesive collection of images, articles and professional insights sourced with enthusiasm, a true passion for everything horse and integrity.

La-Toyah’s blog  is where she showcases not only her equestrian skills and understanding of equine etiquette, but also a model’s privileged perspective on the racing fashion industry. With her eloquent style, La-Toyah is able to unite readers and professionals with explanations of ingrained traditions and modern trends.

latoyah-2La-Toyah is based in Australia, and has been a lover of (equestrian) heritage luxury ever since she can remember. She is a horse-racing aficionado, and having just participated in part ownership of a young racing colt is a dream come true.

La-Toyah has always been a Burberry / Hermes kind of girl and loves the heritage riding colors of hunter green, navy blue and burgundy… with a sprinkle of tartan print and trench coats.

latoyah-3I love the english hunter vibes and will always opt for a blazer jean combination when I am out.” she told us. Being based in sunny Sydney Australia, she can never refuse a beautiful all white outfit with a splash of brown leather boot, belt and hat.

We’ve taken all her style preferences and made it into this elegant, classy #rootd:

We started off with a classic white Ralph Lauren polo: great for both riding and always classy with a pair of jeans for shopping. We combined it with a pair of Ariat denim full seat riding breeches, which could easily be worn as a pair of skinny jeans. We layered on a classic Barbour Hunbleton navy blue vest for riding and an extra layer of warmth for the chilly mornings and topped it off with a signature style piece for La-Toyah: the Sporting Hares, English heritage brand, Beauchamp blazer.

We made sure La-Toyah’s love for the brown leather boot, belt and hat shone through in this look with a Hermes vintage logo buckle belt and fashion gloves, a pair of Petrie Milaan lace-up riding boots and a Ralph Lauren floppy hat. We made sure the KEP Italia helmet perfectly matches the elegant style too!

No Horseshoes & High heels outfit would be complete without a pair of Rupert Sanderson Burgundy red pumps to change into after your ride.

Have a stylish ride!


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