Orange & Olive


… Orange and Olive … a marvellous combination of colors creating a stunningly strong winter #rootd. I always love adding a pop of color to any outfit and this luscious orange shade really adds a lot of zing.

I started of with the Schockemoehle Libra breeches, just because I adore this shade of olive so much and wanted to do another #rootd with it. Then I came across this bright and vibrant orange Marmot Jena vest and thought it was a perfect match with the breeches. Nothing beats a simple classic black turtle neck sweater by Emporio Armani, and to my pleasant surprise I found a lightweight jacket from NewChic tying the whole look together.

I added on some classic black rider accessories like the C.S.Simko belt (as seen on Madonna during the Women’s March in January), a pair of Celeris bespoke black riding boots with matching boot (spur) protectors, a pair of BR equestrian All weather pro gloves and the KASK Dogma light helmet.

To brighten the whole thing up a little, I added an orange Hermes after-ride-helmet-hair-solution baseball cap and a vintage Fendi 2jours large shopper for all your equestrian essentials.

Have a stylish ride!


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