Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Julia Pintar

Meet Julia Pintar: young talent and stylish equestrian
jp-1California based Julia started riding when see was about 5 or 6 years old and has moved barns twice since then, where each move has brought her greater opportunities. Julia was first riding at a small lesson barn until she was around 10 or 11. At that time she wasn’t really riding seriously or competing in shows. She then moved to Acorn Farms, a barn that competes regularly on the A/AA Circuit and they brought her her first lease pony as well as her first horse.
Unfortunately, she had to sell her first horse as it didn’t turn out to be the right fit. But, Acorn Farms also brought Julia her two horses she has now. Cairo, her ten year old gelding with whom she competes in the 3’0” and 3’3” hunters and equation class and her project horse Olive. She bought Olive when she was three and she just recently turned four. She is a very cute hunter prospect and Julia says it has been such a blast riding and training her. She very much loved riding at Acorn but they recently had to move facilities. She had to stay back with another trainer at the facility they were in because the new location was just to far for her family to commute to every day. At Acorn, she was successful at the show winning her 2’9” and 3’0” classes as well as being champion in her school division.
jp-2Julia moved to Bridgeport January 1, 2017 and she has already learned so much. She is surrounded with more serious competitors at the show and she’s training with top level junior riders. She’s so excited to start the rest of her journey with Bridgeport and can’t wait to see what’s to come.
An inspirational rider to Julia is Juliette Joseph. She is one of California’s top junior riders. Many of the top riders have their own horse that they can perfect their ride on but Juliette catch rides for successful trainers. It shows her true talent as many people can perfectly ride one horse but it takes serious skill and talent to master riding multiple. Juliette Joseph has been seen as an incredibly talented rider for a long time now, she has been through a lot including her mom’s passing. She is an inspiration to Julia to always try her hardest and make the most out of the opportunities she gets.
jp-3With having to move barns and sell her first horse, Julia has learned that it is important to remember that when a door closes another opens. She’s been lucky enough to continue to grow and get better with every single opportunity she has had and Julia encourages readers to do the same: to take every opportunity you get and give it your all. You can follow Julia’s positive story on her blog.
Julia likes to keep it classy, preppy and stylish with her #rootd’s. One of Julia’s favorite brands is Romfh, this is why we included the Sarafina full seat breeches into the look in this cool shade of blue with hints of grey. She also adores her EIS long sleeve shirts and we added a classy navy blue one to the look today. She loves her long sleeve shirts because it gives her good protection from the sun as well as being very stylish!
It can be chilly even in California, so we added on a cream colored Herno zipped vest for warm-riding and this looks allows Julia to switch out her vest for a Miss Selfridge casual grey blazer to take this look straight from the barn to the mall.
She loves classic brown rider accessories like the Ariat Contour field boot and a matching Oughton Limited fence buckle belt. We balanced out the look with a navy blue Charles Owen helmet an a pair of navy blue Roeckl chester gloves. Last but not least, we added a pair of Victoria Beckham silver aviator shaded to protect Julia from the California sun and to add another little splash of style to her #rootd.
Have a stylish ride!

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