Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Simone Schneider


Meet Simone Schneider: equestrian blogger, social media marketeer and fashionista

dylaras-1Simone started blogging a little over 2 years ago. Her blog (Rider Fashion) revolves around her love for equestrian fashion outfits and her 11 year old mare Dylara, hence the instagram profile name “Dylaras”. She has been professionally trained  as a social carer, but has branched out into a new field of studies and is currently studying management and sales with a focus on Finance while working as a social media marketeer.


Simone discovered her love for horses at a very early age and has been obsessed with everything horse ever since. From about the age of 8, Simone and her sister were allowed to help out at a farmer near their home loving every minute of the stable work and horse care. At 11 years old, Simone had her first real riding lesson. In the beginning it was only leisure riding, but after about 2 years of lessons she started her first tournament. After that first tournament, she was hooked: she loved it!

Dylaras 3.pngSimone learned to ride in a small private barn, where she always had the opportunity to ride different horses from either her friends or her trainer, which was a great experience and set her up perfectly for owning her own horse. 6 years ago her long time dream of owning her own horse finally came true: she bought Dylara. Simone and her then young mare were already a great team from the very beginning and have grown closer and a more of a team ever since. Together they have already won a few young horse dressage tests and last year, and this year they reached class L **.

Simone also discovered the love of fashion as a young girl, and loves how nowadays the riding fashion is becoming more and more wearable in everyday life. Simone likes to mix her “normal” clothes with riding clothes when either out for shopping or at the stables. For Simone there is never a case of “that’s my riding clothes, I only wear them at the stables”.
dylaras-2She likes the functionality and the great quality of riding gear and happily shows it off when going for a coffee with friends.
Simone is a true”Matchy Matchy” girl. According to her, everything must always match the horse gear and most preferably the color of the riding breeches should match her scarf or hat. She also loves a pop of color and tries to add a statement color to every outfit.

For her look today we went for the old rose Animo Nalmary riding breeches as the statement color. This warm shade of pink goes great with a black Ariat 1/4 zip Lowell base layer and a sporty, casual grey SPOOKS Chiara hoodie. As it can get quite cold in Southern Germany where Simone lives, we added on an extra warm Euro Star Amsel winter jacket.

As Simone loves to match her accessories to her look, we went for the grey KEP Italia helmet, grey UVEX sport style gloves and Barney’s cashmere infinity scarf. The old rose comes back to match the breeches in the form of a Bottega Veneta wool beanie and a Patricia Nash iPad case, so Simone can take her tech to the stables and blog from there in style. We finished off the look with a pair of Simone’s favourite brand: De Niro Boot co.

Have a stylish ride!



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