Loading 2017 in style


For me it always takes a week or two to get back into the swing of things after the holidays. This phone case by Casetify not only expresses my current state of mind perfectly but is also a perfect fit with this soft pastel #rootd.

The Michael Kors Chevron down jacket is the most magnificent shade of powdery dark blue and goes perfectly with the soft blush pink Uniqlo down vest and a dreamy creamy Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater.

The pastel look is complemented by a pair of brown Pikeur Lucinda full seat breeches and a pair of Roeckl grip gloves. The Spiced Equestrian Bianca belt matches the De Niro dressage boots perfectly and the whole look is completed with some more shades of pink and blue: You can’t go wrong with this classic Charles Owen AYR8 blue leather look helmet, a faux fur fluffy soft Banana Republic scarf and a pair of highstreet aviator shades.

So, take your time to load 2017 in style, and look great while doing so with this soft pastel #rootd.

Have a stylish ride!


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