Breaking the ice


Beautiful icy blues, with cool grey and strong black: the best way to break the ice! The star of the #rootd is the icy blue quilted jacket from Max Mara Weekend, which is enhanced by a cool grey Falke ergonomic sport system shell vest.

I love how, thanks to the the grey details, the BR Madelyn breeches look like they were made for this look. You can read more about these highly technical breeches right here. As a base layer, I’ve added a black Ariat Lowell 3/4 zip top and have continued the cool grey theme throughout the accessories with a sporty Nike belt and pair of Uvex sport style gloves. The icy blues come back in an Eugenia Kim Marley beanie and Loro Piana cashmere scarf.

The best addition to any icy winter look are a classy KASK Dogma Chrome light helmet and the winter rider’s best friend: a pair of Ariat Bromont pro tall H2O Insulated boots. Read all about these brilliant boots here.

Have a stylish ride!


One thought on “Breaking the ice

  1. I love Arita! Twenty some odd years ago I bought Arita paddock boots, thinking to myself that I was probably wasting good money. Today, I still own them. They have mucked stalls, taught countless lessons, and been ridden in and with a little saddle soap and oil they look like their new.

    Truly awesome products and WORTH the money!

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