Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Veronika Reim


vr1Meet Veronika Reim, the inspiring, ever smiling, naturally beautiful model, equestrian blogger, yoga aficionado and stylish equestrian.

Veronika is 23 years old and living near Munich in Germany. She has just started her blog about her equestrian lifestyle and loves to share her experiences and love for Cashi (Cashmans’s Best, a 13 year old Oldenburger gelding). She likes to tell stories, inspire people and show how to combine happiness and love in daily equestrian life. Additionally she writes reviews for equestrian products on her blog and makes sure only products which she can fully recommend to her community get featured. Beside this, she has recently received her Yoga instructors accreditations, has a keen interest in art and looks great in her modelling career on the side.


Veronika’s love for horses all started at age 12, when she learned to ride in a small stable with a private horse riding school. There was a horse there, which she looked after like it was her own. It was a great way to learn what it means to have responsibility for a horse, including cleaning the stable, preparing the food and all the other duties. In spring 2015 Veronika thought about owning her own horse for the first time. She checked out the internet, big stables and friends, but it took a while to really find the right horse.

vr2Some months later she checked out a facebook group and saw Cashi. Like a true love story, it was love at first sight. She made an appointment to meet and test Cashi and he was so wonderful that she just signed the contract on the spot. After he came home with her, it wasn’t the easiest of times; she describers it as if the universe was testing their bond. A lot of people said she should have returned Cashi and looked for another horse, but Veronika was sure it was meant to be and couldn’t do that: she loves him, for better or worse.

Unfortunately, Cashi suffered from hoof cancer. They started treating him with a natural animal healing therapy, which worked out very well for him. His body had a chance to regenerate, to detox and to release any toxins and waste materials. It took over four months of recovery, after which she and Cashi could start their training.

vr4Cashi is like a professor, Veronika said, he is teaching her to ride correctly. He is trained up to Dressage S level and is very sure in his teaching. Veronika does not necessarily have the ambition to take part in a competition, but who knows, someday if all works out, she could imagine participating. But for now they love to train and learn at home.

Veronika takes inspiration from riders like Ingrid Klimke and Jessica von Bredow Werndl, both German dressage and eventing. She loves how they train the horses, with so much patience, calm and love and the way they use a lot of alternative training methods, dressage, jumping or having a stroll in the nature. Their horses have a real horse life, you can see them in paddocks or fields, even if they are one million dollar horses ‘You can feel the spirit they have, I love that’ Veronika said.

vr3Veronika’s style is classy, elegant and sporty. She loves brown, navy, grey and pink colors which we featured in her look today.

Like her style? Here is all you need to know about her look:

Veronika loves her shades of brown and lives in a place where it does really get quite cold in winter, so this UHIP full length, light weight coat with a sporty look was the perfect place to start. She loves layering her hoodies and vests in complimentary colors, so we went for a hot pink with grey detail The North Face hoodie combined with a Spooks Justin grey vest. Mostly training dressage, Veronica like to wear a full seat breech, and the Euro Star Miley power grip is a perfect companion for this look. We accessorised the look with another pop of pink: the Superdry Clarrie beanie and a few essentials in brown like Roeckl gloves and a Liebeskind vintage leather belt.

To finish off the look, we went with Veronika’s two rider favourites: the UVEX Suxxeed glamour helmet and a pair of De Niro classic black boots.

Have a stylish ride!

Want to know more about Veronika and Cash? Check out her blog 


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