Brunch to barn


Holiday season is near, which entails many brunches and family time, but how do you combine it all with your daily dose of barn life? If you’re lucky to live somewhere where the winter weather is not too harsh, then this look will take you straight from brunch to the barn. Just swap out your heals for boots and you’re ready to hop on your horse.

The Le Fash NY Bowery with Navy city breech is the ultimate street to stable must have piece: the sleek design makes it wearable for any occasion, but is also technical enough to guarantee you a perfect ride. Wear it with a crisp white ‘husband’shirt by Misha Noonoo. Wear a The North Face pumpkin colored lightweight down vest of a layer of warmth underneath an Imperial Riding Starlight competition jacket, which works just fine for brunch or business too.

Wear you Louboutin’s to brunch, and swap them for a pair of Petrie Polo Roma boots. Accessorize your brunch to barn look with a classic Caldene Prestige Retro style riding helmet, a pair of Roeckl gloves, a Ralph Lauren scarf and bring all your essentials with you in the Stick and Ball Co Indio Cross body bag.

Have a stylish ride!


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