Iced chocolate


I love it when warm chocolate meets icy cold blue and creates a magical pallet for a winter #rootd.

The Fay light weight down vest combines a gorgeous icy blue shade with accents of warm chocolate and is enhanced by the chocolate brown turtle neck sweater by Laneus. Layer on a Nordic inspired Alice zip hoodie by Fat Face for a layer of extra warmth and style.

The Struck apparel 50 series her breech is the perfect addition to this look with it’s subtle icy blue accents.

All of the accessories enhance the iced chocolate color scheme: wear your Eugenia Kim Marley beanie before and after your ride with a pair of Victoria Beckham silver blue aviator shades. The chocolate brown Charles Owen classic GR8 helmet fits perfectly wth a pair of chocolate brown Equest grip pro riding gloves by Eglove and a Mountain Horse leather woven belt.

Top it all off with a pair of custom Celeris polo style boots.

Have a stylish ride!


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