The cat’s meow


Thank you Dolce & Gabbana for this cat themed capsule collection this winter. All of the items are cute than cute, and I’ve selected this cashmere Cat sweater for the Cat’s meow #rootd.

Wear the cashmere cat sweater with a pair of bright blue Easy Rider Zohra D knee patch breeches. Add on a HKM “double face” reversible riding vest and this luscious brown down jacket from Harcour for extra layers of warmth and style.

Another little cat detail can’t hurt right? Check out this Cat coin purse from Stella McCartney, which goes perfectly with a pair of Roeckl Wittenberg winter gloves, a Rebecca Ray designs classic leather bit belt and an aptly named Sea salt and tan leather The Horse watch.

Complete the look with a pair of all time classics: the Celeris Bia boot and a brown cromo t polish matt  KEP Italia helmet.

Have a stylish ride!



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