Special Edition: The stylish equestrian for Katie Lawrence


Meet Katie Lawrence, a remarkable young lady who is deciphering dressage in style.

Katie had a horse named Oskar, with whom she competed up to advanced level dressage. She got him when she was 13 and they grew up together. He sadly injured himself 2.5 years ago, not long after his final show at Olympia Horse show at Christmas. Katie and her mom opted to retire him and he is now enjoying a lovely big field of grass and lots of grooms from her mom. He did however retire far sooner than she ever anticipated and it left her stuck without a horse.

kl-1Katie wan’t very lucky in her search for her new dressage partner: one prospect had a side bone in her feet, another was one she had on loan but was far too naughty and another she was about to loan but it bit and kicked everyone! Katie was about to give up when she found a stunning 16.3 bright orange KWPN called Deejay – who ended up being her credit card purchase. He was everything she ever wanted in a horse.


6 months into owning him, he jumped the fence in the field – and tore his suspensory branch. After 9 months of careful rehabilitation and care he came sound, but as soon as the dressage training commenced he went lame. For his sake, she decided a hacking home would be far more suitable. Katie set up her facebook page – Deciphering Dressage when she got him, initially to act as her training diary to log photos and how their sessions were going. It grew and became quite a community, with many people offering help and support when things got difficult and sad. It amazes her still how kind strangers can be!

kl-2Far sooner than she expected, Katie’s friend said another friend was heading to the Westphalian auctions in Germany – they often have horses that don’t sell so she set out in the hope that one would fall into budget. Vowing to do it all properly, she never expected to buy a horse over the phone! Rhegan who helped her was brilliant, understanding her champagne taste and beer budget, and the want for a quiet horse who would be suitable for a competitive amateur. And so Katie ended up with her lovely mare River – she is 17hh 4 year old and is the sweetest little horse. Katie is training her up at the moment and she hopes she’ll stay as well behaved when she grows up! Untried, not met, only seen on video it was quite a big leap of faith!

kl-3Katie’s style favourites include pretty much everything from Equestrian Stockholm at the moment, her Celeris boots and Scharf hat. She thoroughly likes browns and creams: “All quite traditional, but elegant – and easy to keep clean!”

Katie’s look incorporates a few of her absolute favourites: brown and cream at it’s best with a pair of Celeris boots, Scharf helmet and Equestrian Stockholm vest. We paired this with a long sleeve Land’s End cream t shirt and a cream colored Equirex Alpaca eco friendly jacket. A few shades of camels and creams pull the whole look together like a pair of Pikeur Naila premium breeches, Hauke Schmidt gloves, a pair of Montar stable boots and a Ted and Jack silk ombre scarf.

Have a stylish ride!


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