A walk in the woods


Whether you’re going for a crisp early morning autumn ride or taking out your dog (or horse) for a walk in the woods: this is your look.

The Juniper colored Vanessa Bruno Merino sweater was the inspiration for this #rootd: both color and style invite you for an autumn walk in the woods. Wear it with a pair of Navy blue Mountain Horse Evelyn breeches and a Lands End corn yellow vest.

Accessorise your look in a similar color palette:

Navy: a pair of SSG gloves, the sleek One K Defender suede helmet and a Louis Vuitton Helsinki scarf.

Corn Yellow: a signature Makebe belt and Gucci phone case

Juniper green: a pair of Linda Farrow classic aviator sunglasses

Top off your look with a beautiful pair of Stivalli Fabbri polo style boots.

Have a wonderful walk in the woods and a stylish ride!


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