Special Edition: the stylish equestrian for Stacy Cheetham


Meet Stacy Cheetham: rider, writer and full time do-gooder.

sc-1Stacy (#thevegequestrian) is based in Raleigh, North Carolina and blogs about a blend of fashion, (vegetarian) food and equestrian lifestyle. She’s a full-time philanthropist/fund-raiser who rides professionally on the side.

Her fundraising is focussed on a small medical non-profit that does international mission work. Her passion project however is really the Jump for the Children Horse Show, which benefits Duke Children’s Hospital in Raleigh. She’s been involved for the past three years, and the Silent Auction Chair for the past two, and has grown the contributions significantly. It is something she is hugely proud to be a part of. She actually just wrote her first feature article about it, which will be appearing in the next print issue of the Carolina’s Equestrian. She gets to work with some really top equestrians both at that show, and in her part time writing.

sc-2Stacy has ridden her entire life and turned professional about 2 years ago to teach and ride during a period she was in between jobs. She has always been partial to the OTTB; she has a fabulously talented mare right now, Indelible, or Hannah around the barn. She is fancy and she is 100% mare, but she is amazingly athletic and she is going to be something special. Stacy originally bought her to be a hunter, then thought she would be a jumper, but as she is settling into her 5-year-old year, now she’s not sure where she is going to end up! Stacy has ridden in all the rings: Dressage in Europe as a child, the Big Eq and Children’s/Junior growing up, IHSA through college… a bit of everything! She bought a young Trakehner/TB gelding in 2006, trained and competed him until January 2015 , when she sold him to do pre-adults up in Virginia. He took her to Devon, Upperville, all over – he will always be her heart horse!
sc-3Stacy has a laid back edgy casual style and loves brands like Annie’s Equestrienne, Callidae, 2K Grey. She also absolutely loves One Horse Threads and Phyllis Stein tees. Additionally, she likes her high end  leather goods like Hermes, Hadfield’s and ADT. Stacey likes to mix it up and that’s what we did for her look today.
Like her style? Her is all you need to know to get her look:
The American Thoroughbred ‘TB day off hoodie’ from One Horse Threads was the absolute no miss item in this look. Add on a layer for extra warmth with a navy blue Horka vest and combine your OTTB hoodie with a grey HV Polo T and a pair of stunning Annie’s Equestrienne Namaste Navy breeches.
She likes to get comfy after a ride, so we’ve added a pair of HV Polo sneakers to change into after from her Celeris Bia custom boots. A pair of SSG gloves, a navy blue Samshield helmet and last but not least the signature Hermes belt finalise Stacy’s casual chic #rootd.
Have a stylish ride!

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