The grey zone


Nothing wrong with a few shades of grey, as long as you don’t remain in the grey zone too long! Avoid this grey zone feeling by adding a strong pop of color like this vibrant red.

Wear your Mrs Tutton ‘June’ merino wool grey and charcoal grey striped long sleeve T with a pair of black Horze Grand Prix breeches and spice it up with a red Maje flower embellished bomber jacket.

Accessories you look with a mix of grey and red, like with this KEP Italia cromo T mat grey helmet, a pair of Cavalleria Toscana sunglasses and a pair of Samshield gloves.

Easily bring your phone with you while you ride by wearing this super classy and functional red rider wristlet from Black Knight Accessories (you can have them personalised too!) and make a statement by pairing it with a red Gucci logo belt.

Finalise the look with a pair of classic black Alberto Fasciani boots.

Have a stylish ride!


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