Autumn vibes


Ahhh Autumn, not always known as the friendliest of seasons, but those chilly mornings, beautiful days, changing colors and gorgeous sunsets really are great. This #rootd makes that transition from Summer to Autumn just that little bit easier with some soft Autumn shades of beige, brown and green.

The military style jacket from D Squared is a great lightweight season transition jacket to wear over a Free People plaid joplin button down shirt. Wear it with a pair of Tuffrider fullest breeches and make sure your SSG Gloves match the look. I love this Green Ovation Protege helmet, it’s sporty, functional and a perfect match for this look.

A few classy accessories are key making this a sophisticated ensemble: gorgeous lace-up custom De Niro brown boots, a Hermes belt and a pair of Ray-Ban aviators. Last but not least the statement accessory for this look: the BB saddle bag from Makebe (available in many more color combo’s – so cute!!!)

Have a stylish ride!


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