Celebrating Sunday

Serenading sunday

Sometimes Mondays just creep up on you a little too fast.

Let’s hold onto that Sunday feeling a little bit longer by celebrating Sunday with this immaculate ‘Sunday’ linen shirt by Mrs Tutton. The Mrs Tutton’s ‘Sunday’ shirt is a stylish and practical casual linen shirt of which the vented split back sits neatly with a saddle without needing to be tucked.

Wear your Sunday shirt with a pair of Kingsland Kendra breeches and a Mountain Horse Golden Bronze Vienna vest.

Accessorize your Sunday look with some super equestrian must haves like the stylish and classic Celeris black lace up boots, a pair of Roeckl summer gloves and the exquisite Lisa Sands design bit belt.

Top it off with a beautiful Mulberry Cara Delevingne bag, a pair of Illesteva Leonard sunglasses and a Humble Chic NY sugar skull scarf.

Have a great Monday and a stylish ride!


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