A little bit of leather

A little bit of leather

A little bit of leather in your look can make all the difference. Here’s a #rootd filled with subtle leather accents and variations for the cooler summer days.

The leather accents in the Mrs Tutton ‘April’ stretch linen shirt are a great addition to an already beautifully comfortable slim fit must have. Wear this shirt with a pair of beige breeches like the Lilly Love full seat from Imperial Riding and a snazzy yet comfortable 3/4 sleeve brown blazer from LE3NO.

The leather accents and variations continue with the croco leather detailing on this Samshield helmet,  the leather piping on the PS of Sweden grooming tote, an Ostrich leather belt from Brooks Brothers and remarkably stylish and colorful suede custom boots from Stivaleria Secchiari.

Complete the look with a pair of Miu Miu sunglasses, HKM ‘Softy’ gloves, a blue dressage print scarf by Mango Bay Design and finally a Burberry blue carbon and gold cloud key chain.

Have a stylish ride!


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