Stable chic

Mrs Tutton May draft 2

Got a business appointment and no time to change into your riding outfit straight after? With this stable chic summer/autumn look, you don’t have to!

The hero of this #rootd is the Mrs Tutton May show shirt. Mrs Tutton as a brand embodies everything The stylish equestrian stands for: Mrs Tutton makes beautiful shirts for classic ‘stabletostreet’ style for riders & non-riders alike. The shirts, tees & polos create a stylish workwear for time with the horses, home and business, every day of the week. Mrs Tutton is about sharing a passion for the perfect shirt and the joy that can come from a considered and bespoke design.

Wear your May show shirt with a pair of Noho with Navy full seat cry breeches from Le Fash NY and a sleek and sophisticated Stella McCartney Iris wool twill blazer. Add on a casual Shop Hunt Club derby belt, a chic Diane von Furstenberg scarf and the super stylish leather bit bracelet from Ideana.

Finish off your perfect street to stable look with a pair of Cavallo Milano showjumping boots, a Caldene Prestige classic look helmet and a pair of eQuest e-gloves: gloves that allow you to work your touchscreen phone without having to take them off!

Have a stylish ride!


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