Royal blue and Regal gold

Royal gold

Royal blue and regal gold: a winning #rootd. Accents of gracious grey finish off this super sophisticated look.

The royal blue Kingsland Kessi breeches are and excellent pair to combine with a shimmering gold Oasis top and Uniqlo grey lightweight vest.

The royal blue and gold accented Samshield helmet and grey gloves perfectly echo the color palette of the outfit. Add on some playful yet sophisticated accessories like the Linda Farrow gold sunglasses, a stunning grey and gold buckle Roger Vivier belt, Chiari Ferragni gold wink phone case and the Kendal + Kylie Bambi fur pompom bag charm.

Complete the look with a pair of exquisite Petrie custom polo boots and a royal blue Fairfax and Favor Windsor handbag.

Have a stylish ride!




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