Lunch with the ladies

Ladies lunch

Heading out for lunch with the ladies, but no time to change after having schooled a horse or two? No problem, this look requires a quick change of boot to shoe and you’re good to go! (Actually, the boots would look great at the lunch table too)

The Asmar equestrian signature Euro breeches are as stylish as any skinny black pencil pants and look great with the Joie Anisa nude top. Add on a sleek black Lands’ end vest for the chilly mornings and are complemented by classy black rider accessories like the Samshield Hunter gloves, One K Defender suede glitter helmet and a pair of exquisite Petrie polo boots.

Finish off your look with a pair of Givenchy retro sunglasses, a The Horse watch, a Tracey Watts positano fedora hat for those helmet hair moments, a pair of Burberry sneakers and of course your very own customised C4 belt.

Remember you can always get your own customized  c4 belt with 10% discount at check-out when using te code ‘C4TSE10’.

Have a great lunch and a stylish ride!




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