Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat…


Pretty much an ideal schedule for a hot summers’ day. For us equestrians it would have to be Eat, Ride, Beach, Sleep, Repeat, but hey, close enough for a hot summers’ day #rootd.

The Eat, Beach, Sleep, Repeat shirt, the hero of this #rootd, is from Banana Republic and is the perfect summer partner for the Annies Equestrienne Ladies Original Blue breeches. Always head out with a nice light weight vest, as even hot summer days can have chilly mornings/evenings. This soft yellow vest is from Moncler.

Keep the rider accessories stylish in neutral shades of beige and white. One of my favourites the KEP Python white helmet, ideal for hot days, as it keep you head cooler than with dark coloured helmets. The Mountain Horse crochet gloves are playful and stylish alternative to ‘regular’ gloves. A brand I recently discover is Donadeo Collezioni Italia and they do the most exquisite custom boots in a wide range of styles and colours, like these cream coloured beauties.

Finish off the look with some colourful accessories like the Vismaya Habutai paisley print scarf from Calpyso St. Barth, a baby blue HV Polo baseball cap, Victoria Beckham classic aviator sunglasses in yellow, a ‘mixit’ skinny belt 2 pack from JC Penny’s and bring along a big Oilily tote bag to carry all you need for a hot summers’ day.

Have a stylish ride!




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