The peach tree

peach tree

The best summer fruit, color and #rootd inspo: PEACH!

The peach coloured ‘grooming tree’ tank top by Tarakiwi was the inspo for this outfit. Excellently layered over a white Stella McCartney tank top and combined with a pair of perfect grey Pikeur Branda breeches.

Accentuate the peach with the KEP Italia grey chromo T helmet and a pair of Samshield grey V skin leather gloves. Accentuate the grey with a peach coloured ‘lack of color’ Sunset Palms fedora.

Accentuate the grey with a peach tinted pair of Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and a peach horse shoe bag charm for Sport Horse Lifestyle.

Finalise your look with a black English spur belt by Ariat and a pair of exquisite black dressage boots by Alberto Fasciani.

Have a stylish ride!



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